custom brokerage

We undertake all the procedures that are necessary for declaration and submitting the right export/import entries with customs for air, sea and road freight. Under normal circumstances with all necessary documents, we ensure the clearance of sea freight cargo within four days and delivery two days thereafter. Similarly air freight clears within one day and delivery is same day or one day later.


logistics support

This includes IDF processing, bond processing and management. On request we also undertake packing and cargo insurance.



Our own truck fleet facilitates transport anywhere within Kenya, Eastern Africa and COMESA region. With over 20 prime movers of 46 cubic metres or 30 metric and smaller trucks of 15 metric tonnes or 26 cubic metres each, we have a minimum carrying capacity of 600 tonnes. Each of these is fitted with twisted locks for security.



We provides customized logistics solutions that will drive value for your business. Our team conducts a complete analysis of your specific business needs and design comprehensive warehousing and distribution operations that deliver your service promise to your customers